Looking for a gift for Christmas, a birthday, or any special occasion in life? Well this can certainly be something tough to do, and to be honest most people would probably just give Saint hubert up and get their loved one a card with money inside of it. While the ever original card with money inside gets the job done, why would you want to be boring like that? There are plenty of other options to St Hubert Pendant choose from when considering presents for somebody you know. For a woman, there can obviously be the choice of jewelry. If the woman in your life is a religious one, you should probably think about getting her some Catholic Jewelry. Catholic Jewelry for women comes in plenty of different shapes and forms, and it can be hard to narrow down just what items she might enjoy. Here are a few ideas to get your brain rolling so you can pick out a unique, memorable piece of Catholic jewelry for the woman in your life!

1.)  This medal comes pre-wrapped inside a gift box so it will be perfect to just wrap up or put a ribbon on and give to that special somebody. The outside of this medal is in the shape of a heart, and inside of that heart there is a small cross. This gift is very nice and will surely be appreciated. It is a great piece of jewelry to give because it is nice enough to wear when dressed up, but it is not too much and can be worn on an every day basis.

2.) This one is obviously a perfect gift for all the mothers out there. Whether it be for Mother’s Day or a new mom, this gift will without a doubt be a great one. The medal features a cross with a different silhouette of Mary on each end of the cross. Also, in the middle of the cross there is circle with another silhouette of the Virgin Mary inside of it with shining beams of light coming from behind her. This medal will be cherished by any mother for its beauty and meaning.

3.) Saint Christopher Patron Saint hubert Medal – Even though Saint Christopher is not the first patron saint you would have in mind when picking out a medal to get for a girl he is still a viable option. There are many different Saint Christopher medals that are produced to represent different sports. There are girls basketball, cheer leading, figure skating, gymnastics, and volleyball medals that are all Saint Christopher medals. So if you are buying for a girl who is into sports, Saint Christopher may just be your go to patron saint.

4.) Victorian Crucifix – At first glance Saint hubert this piece might look like just another crucifix, and you would wonder why it was suggested to buy, especially for a woman! But the small details on this piece are really what makes it special. The sterling silver used for this piece is scrolled all around the edges of the cross, and the detail of Jesus in this piece is ridiculous. The detail around the halo shining from Jesus’ head in this medal is very intricate and that is what makes this necklace so beautiful.

5.) This would make a lovely Communion, Reconciliation, or Confirmation gift for a young girl. This necklace has a heart made of sterling silver and an angel floating on the inside of the heart. This medal would be best for a younger girl because the angel on the medal is a little girl angel not an adult one. Any girl would surely love to receive this gift for any occasion at all.